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Project X is a tiny EV with swappable Gogoro batteries

Blue and gray small stubby car with ring headlights, yellow side trim, sitting on a booth stage with a sign that says “revolutionizing the future of smart city.”
MIH’s Project X EV looks like a toy car, but full humans can fit inside. | Image: MIH

Don’t give up on the dream of a small electric car just yet. At the Japan Mobility Show 2023, there’s a tiny car designed for city driving and powered by Gogoro scooter batteries that owners can swap out and drive away without waiting around at a typical EV charging station.

The car is called Project X (for now) and is built by the Mobility in Harmony Consortium (MIH), which is led by manufacturing conglomerate Foxconn. The vehicle is short in length, stubby, and looks like a cute toy but not too far off from a Smart Fortwo. However, Project X can fit a third person in the back. The space where a fourth seat could have gone is taken up by two angled Gogoro battery back slots for easy insertion and removal.

Image: MIH

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