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If you’re tired of Chrome’s look, there’s a new way to change it

A split view of Chrome’s default appearance and a new theme, with the customization sidebar on the right side
Image: Google

When you open a new tab in a current version of Chrome, there’s a bubble in the bottom right of your window simply labeled “Customize Chrome.” It’s been there for years, but now Google is revamping the process — instead of a card taking up your whole browser window, Chrome’s customization options pop up in a sidebar, giving you a much better view of your browser’s new digs before you commit.

In addition to choosing your colors, you’ll also see the option to update Chrome’s themes here — it’s a much tidier interface than the company offered before. Take a look:

Image: Google

This makes me very happy.

The same menu lets you pick from one of several theme collections, including new ones with art Google…

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