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Range Rover will release an all-electric midsize SUV in 2025, JLR says

Jaguar Land Rover EV plug
Image: JLR

Jaguar Land Rover will invest £15 billion ($18.7 billion) over the next five years in electric and autonomous vehicle technology, the automaker announced Wednesday. The company identified its Halewood plant in the UK for conversion to an all-EV manufacturing facility. And by 2030, JLR says it will be an “electric first, modern luxury carmaker.”

The first medium-size all-electric Range Rover will be out in 2025, and JLR will begin to take orders for it later this year. The vehicle will be built using JLR’s electrified modular architecture (EMA), which will power the company’s upcoming slate of EVs. JLR, which is owned by India’s Tata Motors, has previously committed to making its Jaguar-branded vehicles all-electric by 2025.

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